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After the SnowfallSunrise, Hatteras LightMint MuseumClachan Bridge - 1791 - ScotlandSt. Mary Basilica, Wilmington NCSt. Mary Catholic Church, Marietta, OHSpiral and FiligreeThe Parthenon replica in Nashville, TNJGC_2013-04-30_5185-cleanPalace of Fine Arts, evening illuminationJGC-20121009-2270-cleanSagrada Familia, BarcelonaPalace of Catalan Music, BarcelonaBarcelona DoorwayPalace of Catalan Music, BarcelonaGaudi Interior - BarcelonaCasa Batlo by Gaudi, BarcelonaThe Oude Kerk, DelftThe Turk's Head Building, Providence RICapitol Library, Tennessee State House