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The Story Behind the Photo - Spiral Staircase https://www.jackchristfield.com/blog/2014/3/the-story-behind-the-photo---spiral This dramatic spiral staircase in my Architecture portfolio leads to the balconies in the Capitol Library room in the Tennessee State House in Nashville.  The de-saturated color is intentional because I was fascinated by the shape and motion of the spiral, not to mention the intense detail of the iron work.  I thought the monochromatic effect would help accentuate those details.

The compressed perspective of the image is the result of looking up at the bottom of the balconies from the main floor and the fact that this is a rather tight shot.  Compare this view with the establishing shot of the room shown at the bottom of the page... Spiral and FiligreeSpiral and FiligreeDetail of the original cast iron staircase and balcony railings in the Capitol Library of the Tennessee State House






















So it might help for you to see an establishing shot of the room in its usual perspective and color.  There are a few distractions, like the folding tables behind the staircase, so I searched around for a point of view that would eliminate those and draw the viewer's attention to what I considered the most interesting visual element -- the spiral staircase itself.

Capitol Library, Tennessee State HouseCapitol Library, Tennessee State House

















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Big Snow Day https://www.jackchristfield.com/blog/2014/2/big-snow-day We got 9" of snow and this is the view of the front of the house yesterday morning... pretty to look at but I wish I had a snow plow at times like this.  Looks like this might turn out to be our Christmas card for 2014...


Snowed InSnowed In

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The Story Behind the Photo - the Lemonade Stand https://www.jackchristfield.com/blog/2014/1/the-story-behind-the-photo---the-lemonade-stand I found this couple and their lemonade kiosk at the N.C. Mountain State Fair a few years back.  First off, it was the best lemonade stand I'd ever seen.  Come to find out the guy had designed it himself and had it built, and was looking to sell them to others.  This prototype was his demo model, so to speak.  Everything for selling lemonade was contained within the shell, which could be towed behind a vehicle to get to whatever event you wanted.  I thought it was a clever bit of entrepreneurship as well as an unusual image that fits well within the theme of Americana. Lemonade!Lemonade!

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The Story Behind the Photo https://www.jackchristfield.com/blog/2014/1/the-story-behind-the-photo The most fun gallery here might be the Americana gallery.  These are images that seem unique to our culture, and some make me wonder what the story is behind the subject -- which is usually a building or a scene one doesn't run across routinely.  Such is the case with this image of Sista's BBQ.

This strange little building appears just outside of Freeport, Maine.  It has clearly been re-purposed as a barbecue joint, since I can't imagine what the reclining-cow-with-daisies in the coffee cup on top of the building has to do with barbecue.  Of course, it's equally unclear what it was in its previous incarnation -- a drive-in coffee place, a soup stand, a tea bar, what?  Whatever it was, the whole cow thing up top seems to imply a whimsical dairy theme, and the new owners apparently liked it so much they left it that way.  Either that or they lacked ladders tall enough to re-paint it in the new red and yellow flaming barbecue motif.

Anyway, I found it so visually amusing that it was a turn-the-car-around-and-get-that-shot kind of scene. 

I hope you are amused as well.


Update: Turns this was once indeed a drive-through coffee shop called Udder Place Coffee.  Here's a blurb from a few years back that tells the story:  http://theborrowedabode.com/2010/10/trip-pics-anudder-one-bites-the-dust/ 

Sista's BBQNear Freeport, Maine

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Aluminum Tree and Ornament Museum https://www.jackchristfield.com/blog/2013/12/aluminum-tree-and-ornament-museum If you grew up in the 1960's you might have had some friends who had aluminum Christmas trees.  We never had one -- my mom declared them 'tacky', and most were.  Nevertheless they are one of those icons of the era, like air raid shelter signs and gas station attendants.  

The Aluminum Tree and Ornament Museum (A.T.O.M.) is back in Brevard to celebrate all this great tackiness with wit and verve.  Be sure to stop on by, and check out my gallery of their great stuff in the A.T.O.M gallery.

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